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John Kephart – Professional Background

John KephartJohn is a newspaper advertising sales executive with over 35 years experience in national, retail majors and online advertising sales representation. marketing and sales management.  US Sales agent and consultant for two major Hispanic newspaper representative firms.  Served as a sales agent and consultant for one of North America’s largest newspaper chains; Western US sales agent and consultant for a major electronic software solutions company to the newspaper industry; Served as the Western US territory representative for a major newspaper representative firm and three major US newspaper companies; Oversaw client retention and develop marketing/sales strategy for client newspapers for one of the nation’s largest media companies;  Co-founded and served as President/Chief Executive for first independently owned and managed national representative firm to begin US operations in the past 50-years;  Directed and supervised Western United States sales and marketing operations for a major national representative firm.

Newspaper Consultants of North America  
Los Angeles, CA     
President and Senior Sales Consultant

  • Major Retail and National sales consultant for The Santa Clarita Signal (current); Bakersfield Californian and Tehachapi News (2007-2017)

  • Vice President US sales for My Virtual Paper director of all US sales (current)

  • Western US sales director for CanWest Global Communications Supervised 11-Western States and all Western US sales personnel (2004-2009)

  • Served as Vice President / Sales for Shoom, Inc.  Shoom, a technology company, provides electronic solutions to the newspaper industry (proofing, tearsheets, billing, manifesting and online newspapers) (1998-2014)

  • Developed various Southern California Newspaper Networks and represented them to the advertising industry.

  • Western Sales Manager for US Suburban Press (2004-2008)

  • Consulted for Integrated Technologies, Power One Media, Papel Media, Hispanic Media Associates, Lehman Bros. and various other media companies marketing products to the newspaper industry  

Landon Media Group
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Vice President- Strategic Marketing

  • Initiated and directed the merger / buy out of NPI by LMG

  • Implemented integration of NPI clients to LMG

  • Directed all newspaper client retention efforts and oversee newspaper liaison and management supervisory personnel

  • Direct Strategic Marketing Division and oversee all sales and marketing efforts for the five LMG divisions for all LMG newspapers  

Newspaper Partners Incorporated
Los Angeles, CA
President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Co-founded the first independently owned newspaper representative firm to begin US operations in the past 50-years

  • Directed sales and marketing efforts for eight regional offices, staff of 26 sales people, marketing department and all support staff

  • Responsible for developing and making new business presentations to prospective newspaper clients and generating new sources of revenue

  • Responsible for sales to the major motion picture studios

  • Instrumental in initial sales and marketing efforts for the introduction of electronic tear sheeting (eTearsheets) to the advertising community and newspaper industry  

1980 - 1999
Sawyer Ferguson Walker Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Vice President, Western Regional Manager 

  • Supervised 30 client newspapers within the western region accounting for over 48% of total company revenue; approximately $10.5 million in annual commissions

  • Directed sales activity for three regional offices (Los Angeles, Dallas & San Francisco), 20 sales and 17 support staff in the western region encompassing all national, retail and classified rate business

  • Initiated the formation of six separate successful regional newspaper networks  Set rate structures, established billing procedures and developed sales strategies

  • Secured new regional client newspapers adding over $1.7 million in sales commission annually

  • Chaired national seminar on alternate distribution, TMC programs and magazine delivery attended by over 100 daily newspapers  

1979 - 1980
Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc. ADAMS Division
Denver, CO
General Manager/Advertising Director

  • Responsible for initial development of all ADAMS publications for magazine ride-along advertising

  • Directed sales efforts in all five-branch offices

  • Direct sales responsibility for all national and national retail accounts.

  • Personally brought on line Playboy, Sears, J. C. Penney Co., Montgomery Ward, and The Wall Street Journal  

1973 - 1979
Consumer Communication Services, Inc.
Dayton, OH
A Division of the Columbus Dispatch
General Manager/Advertising Director

  • Organized and implemented one of the nation’s first test markets for the alternate distribution of major magazines and periodicals.

  • Developed ride-along advertising programs for several national magazines (i.e.: Readers Digest, TV Guide, Hearst Publications, Meredith Magazines, Playboy and The Wall Street Journal).